EC “Drying” has set up serial production of industrial electric burners TK-415 and TK-300. Applying of the technology of thick film heating elements allows optimiza­tion of the energy loss, as a result of which burn­ers with nominal power of 1,8 kW function as analogues with a nominal power of 3 kW, manu­factured on the basis of tubular electric heaters.

Structural features

  • Heat loss from the heating element is min­imized, as the flat heater has a directional heat flow, whereas heat in the tubular dis­sipates in all directions.
  • Electric power is spent exclusively on the heating of the working surface, while the back side of the products with TEH heats, which does not bear any benefits.
  • Equipartition of the heating layer over the entire surface of the product. Due to this, regardless of the power mode, the entire burner get’s heated, but only its single part.
  • The absence of temperature drop be­tween the heating element and work­ing surface protects the product from thermal shock.
  • With the new construct and efficient process tial heating time is reduced to 15 minutes. In for conversion of electric energy into heat, ini- THE analogues it is up to 60 minutes.
  • Positive temperature coefficient of resistance. An It protects products from overheating and reduce – increase of temperature leads to an increase of es costs, spent on energy when the equipment is resistance, which in turn leads to power decrease. running “idle”.