The company building materials JSC “Plant of construction industry” within two months of the manufacturing cycle: heating concrete structures were tested heater BU. 03 with a working capacity of 18 kW.

The temperature of the air, which is heated for 6 hours of continuous operation was 45-49 ° C, while, according to the technological requirements necessary temperature – 40 ° C. For this task, the plant uses 30 kW heater.

Tests have shown that the efficiency of heating Fan BU. 03 to 30% more heating using heaters that are usually used.

Specially designed cermet thick film heating element is allowed to obtain the necessary thermal performance with less than heaters electricity consumption due to the large surface of the heat radiation of both the elements and the surface teploznimalnyh additional plates.

Chief Engineer of PJSC «Plant of construction industry,” AG Hrabik